Welcome to Astrum Diamonds

Astrum Diamonds is an online jewellery store that offers a mesmerising selection of exquisite diamond jewellery in stunning, contemporary designs. Our innovative designs are a league apart from the typical design concepts in the industry, yet priced very reasonably to meet the needs of diverse customers. After all, a jewel is not just a possession -- it is a reflection of your personality, taste and success, and a mirror to your aspirations and emotions.

Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for your fiance, a pair of diamond earrings for your mother bought from your first salary, a stunning pendant to add to your personal collection or a statement piece for a festive occasion - our online store offers a convenient and safe e-shopping experience where you can directly admire, choose and place an order for your diamond jewellery.

From exquisite rings, striking earrings to intricately designed pendants, Astrum offers flawless pieces of certified, hallmarked jewellery designed to appeal to connoisseurs like you - with distinctive taste and an eye for excellence. It is our mission to transform the face of conventional diamond jewellery with elegant yet avant-garde designs that encompass luxury as well as affordability. Simply browse, click, choose and order to become the proud owner of a stunning Astrum.